Podcast 7/9/15

Hello to all my lovely listeners!

I’m so happy to be back broadcasting again in our new bite sized broadcast format.

Our aim is to bring you a burst of positivity and thought provoking stories twice a week which you can access here:

It’s All Good Radio Show September 7 2015

With headlines shouting at you from every news stand and on the hour on the radio, it can feel like a barrage of negative reporting, so when you feel you need a burst of uplifting news, then come here to listen.

Plus check out our A Million People Doing Good features (above) which we’ll be updating regularly and discover people, just like you, who are making different choices with their lives.

Today we shine the spotlight on:

  • A movement of thousands of musicians coming together to do something practical to help people in their own communities being hit hard by homelessness and poverty  www.weshallovercomeweekend.com
  • A new way hotels and restaurants can help their communities through re-distributing their food waste via Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op email: info@bhesco.co.uk
  • An innovation which helps both farmers and wildlife and moves us away from damaging fossil fuels via Ecotricity www.ecotricity.co.uk
  • One council’s pioneering move to help its community become energy sufficient via 10:10 www.10:10.org.uk