Organic September


From: Media For Good
Dated: 09/09/2015

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Surrey based social entrepreneur and radio presenter demonstrates easy Organic recipes for Organic September

IMG_1150With Organic September well underway, Weybridge radio presenter and social entrepreneur David Durant has started a series of free video tutorials showing how to prepare and cook simple, healthy organic food.

These short videos are designed to inspire and encourage people who may not have much experience in the kitchen to cook organic and fresh. David keeps things simple and often goes back to basics, for example showing how to peel and chop an onion and for those who feel more adventurous, how to make pizza.

So far there are five videos available to watch, and many more waiting to be edited and uploaded. They come with a handy downloadable PDF for each recipe, and David is offering one-to-one cooking lessons for anyone who does not have experience in the kitchen and who wants to learn the basics. David says: “Eating organic doesn’t cost the earth and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. I realise there are people who do not have experience in the kitchen but who want to learn, and I am very happy to share my knowledge and encourage more healthy organic home-cooked eating.”

These videos are produced by Media for Good, a not-for-profit venture and creator of It’s All Good Radio Show, which shines the spotlight on people and businesses who are doing things differently to create positive change towards a more sustainable and peaceful World.
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For more information please contact:

David DurantSnapshot DD Pizza
Telephone: 01932 844099
Mobile: 07534 429247

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1) David Durant in the studio
2) David Durant demonstrating how to make pizza
3) Soil Association Organic September (5 Reasons you should choose organic)
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