David Durant


David is passionate about nature and living in harmony with it.  He firmly believes we, as humans, have created many layers in our lives which over time have obscured our vision of the things that are really important to us.  He defines these layers as artificial laws which are designed to benefit some and deprive others, and by their very nature, encourage the formulation of new laws to counteract, reinforce, and often contradict these laws.

David’s greatest wish is for people to remove some of these layers away from their lives and turn their attention to the laws of the Universe which in essence are at the very foundations of humankind.  Laws which are unwritten and often unsaid, but which form the basis of our existence.

David does not advocate breaking the written laws, instead he believes that if people apply Universal Law principles in their lives, eventually the written laws will become obsolete and most of these laws will no longer be relevant.

David co-founded a non-for-profit partnership called Media For Good with Debbie Hyde with the aim of harnessing the power of media to inspire, inform, connect and stimulate people who are looking at new ways of working and living in a sustainable and more equitable way.

Another of David’s passions is music and in 2008 he found himself hosting a radio show called Under The Radar Live Sessions which showcases high quality music from outstanding emerging independent musicians from the UK and the World.  The show is still going strong and through David’s unique way of searching for tracks and connecting with independent musicians, he has built a loyal fan base of listeners amongst music lovers as well as the music community.

You may listen to all recent shows via Mixcloud and if you are or you know an outstanding independent musician of any genre and any nationality do get in touch with information and samples of the music.  David’s email is david@mediaforgood.co.uk