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Who are we and what do we do?

Media With Purpose

We are David Durant and Debbie Hyde. We are a couple and above all two individuals who care deeply about the Earth and who have a heartfelt desire to live in a world where all people and living things are in harmony and thriving together; all underpinned by the principle of ‘first do no harm’.

We are passionate about discovering and sharing solution-led stories and initiatives which prompt people to look at our world in a new light and take action in their own lives.  We also take an active role in introducing and connecting individuals and organisations for collaborations and joint activity at a community and local level.  All this we do through It’s All Good Radio Show, our blog and our social media channels.

Through our work we want to continue to connect change makers and create a collective voice for good to encourage others within each community to adopt real and tangible solutions which bring positive financial, health and emotional benefits to their lives and thereby effect positive social change.  We believe that by utilising media in such a proactive way it is within our grasp to stimulate and nurture the growth of change for the better.

We also actively engage with decision makers who adopt and follow the business as usual model and, using thought provoking content and ideas, we do what we can to positively disrupt harmful business models.  We believe these actions will help us all to move onto new paths of living and working in harmony with each other and our planet where we can all flourish.

Email debbie@mediaforgood.co.uk


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