Sylvia Lai

Sylvia Lai, The Girl with the Bambou Heart

Sylvia LaiToday we travel over to Florida, the home of a very special lady Sylvia Lai.

Sylvia loves the ocean, she says “I spent the majority of my weekends and holidays at the beach. There is something about sitting on the sand and looking out at the waves that instantly calms my worries, rejuvenates me, humbles me, and inspires me to believe that anything is possible.”

I, for one, can completely relate to Sylvia’s words as I feel that when I’m by the sea– do you feel it too?

Nature had given so much to Sylvia and she felt compelled to give back as she became aware that the oceans are in dire straits due to the sheer amount of plastic pollution in the water. Her response: she took action and started BAMBOU HEART™ to raise awareness about protecting our environment, and to encourage others to incorporate sustainability and giving into their daily lives.

“Why are we using plastic, a material that for all intensive purposes lasts forever, to manufacture items that we use for less than five minutes?”

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a vital question that all companies who use plastic should be asking themselves. There is no such thing as “away.” Everything that is used has to go somewhere – and the tragedy is that somewhere is our oceans.

However, there is an alternative. As individuals we have a choice on the amount of plastic we use.
A great way to move away from plastic is to start is to get a reusable water bottle and use it!

That is where BAMBOU HEART™ comes in.

The Bambou Heart bottle features a wide-mouth, dual-walled, insulated, non-sweat design, so that it will hold water, hot coffee, iced-tea, and anything else you may need to bring on your daily adventures. Each bottle is also inscribed with an inspirational quote or message, so that it can remind you of the good things in life, everywhere that you go!

An additional benefit of choosing a BAMBOU HEART™ bottle is that Sylvia has also organised it that through her THIS BOTTLE GIVES™ program, for every bottle that they sell, they will donate part of the proceeds to The Thirst Project ( to help fund the building of fresh water wells in impoverished communities who do not have access to clean water.

The Thirst Project is the world’s leading youth water activism organisation. Their goal is to provide safe, clean water and sanitation to the entire nation of Swaziland by 2022.

Sylvia recently went to visit Swaziland herself.

This picture speaks volumes on how the people of Swaziland appreciate the work of The Thirst Project.

Sylvia Lai 2

A Small Change In Your Behaviour Really Can Make A Tremendous Difference To Humans and Ocean life alike. So will you take the pledge today?

I pledge not to trash the oceans by:

1. Drinking water out of a reusable bottle.
2. Recycling plastics whenever possible.
3. Never littering and always disposing of trash properly.
4. Encouraging my friends and family to reduce their plastics consumption.