Jane Hanson

Jane Hanson, Founder of One Day One Choir

The joy of Twitter – it has brought so many thoughtful and caring people to my attention.  Last week was no exception as I became connected with Jane Hanson, founder of One Day One Choir.

Jane Hanson

Talking over Skype, working from our own homes on our big ideas, I felt like I had met a kindred spirit – a woman inspired by her passion and using every spare moment to pull off a massive feat.

One Day One Choir uses the harmonious and inclusive power of singing together to promote peace and unity on (or around) Peace Day, 21st September. Anybody, young or old, amateur or professional, wherever they are, can get involved and all kinds of choral events are welcome.

And what’s really interesting is that something wonderful happens when we join together in song – science has shown that when we sing together our hearts begin to beat in the same tempo and our health and mental well-being improve.

One Day One Choir asks you simply to do 2 things:

  • Create or Dedicate an event which includes singing together with a focus on peace
  • Sign up to let them know that you are joining in by visiting One Day One Choir and tweet at @OneDayOneChoir

A performance can be held anywhere from a concert hall, school or community centre to a park, hotel, hospital, work place, religious building, care-home, airport, station, prison, shopping mall or even at home.  It can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as you like!

One Woman, One Website, One Day, One Choir – Jane shows that us together we are all One!

To listen to our interview together, click below to enjoy.

Interview with Jane Hanson, Founder of One Day One Choir

Please send us your videos of your choir singing and we will happily upload them onto our It’s All Good Radio Show You Tube Channel.