It’s All Good Radio Show February 8 2018

Listen to the show here:

On this week’s show we start by talking about projects and activities which are happening in Torbay. Debbie received an invitation to join the Torbay Community Carers Project who are seeking ways to share the fantastic free resource of Health and Care videos which have been created for carers to help to support them and we talk about this in more detail on the show.

 Full details can be found on:

Adult Health and Wellbeing Health Information Video Library

We also shine the spotlight on DIY SOS which is currently in Torquay and transforming the home of a 47 gentleman who lives with multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair to get around and who currently lives and sleeps in a chair in the living room as he can’t get himself back upstairs without help.

Each week we feature a charity or community group which can be found on and this week we talk about Exeter based charity Ride On – Cycling for All, who are passionate about getting more people riding affordable bikes more often.

David then shares with us news from his motherland Colombia of a group of 25 young people aged between 7 and 26 who are petitioning a court to protect their constitutional rights to life and a healthy environment. The group is asking the court to require the government to honour its climate commitment and stop deforestation in the Amazon.

The news then shifts to plastic initiatives and new ways of addressing littering and we discuss plogging – a fitness exercise that sees participants pick up plastic litter while jogging.  We also bring listeners up to date with news of young earth guardians, Lilly’s Plastic Pick Up and Team Trash Girl before discussing our own search for plastic alternatives and how a call out on Facebook had lead to the discovery of a variety of alternative packaging options.

We close the show with the news of the launch of Young Green Briton of the Year by Ecotricity who are seeking four secondary school pupils to be their Young Green Briton Champions for 2018 and who will take to the stage at WOMAD.

Finally we enjoy a reflection from Rise Like Air on the subject of Mind – FULL -ness

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