It’s All Good Radio Show February 1st 2018

Listen to the show:

On this week’s show we start by talking about a volunteer opportunity as an Exhibition Host for a groundbreaking exhibition coming to Torbay in March entitled Tattoo: British Art Tattoo Revealed which will be held at Torre Abbey Museum.

We then move onto talk about a Volunteer Open Afternoon which is being organised at The Torbay Community Development Trust Lounge at Unit 28, Fleet Walk from 3-5pm on Thursday 8th February and then share with listeners details of the first Friends of Grove Woods meeting which was held at Churston Manor Inn last week.

Keeping with a local theme, we then share an interview with Rupert Davies, Project Co-ordinator for Come Tell Me How You Live, an initiative which is looking to compile as many real life experiences from Torbay residents as possible and which will be showcased at an event at The Palace Theatre in Paignton on Friday 23rd March at 7.30pm.

Moving on to a new topic we share updates on people who are taking action to reduce the amount of litter in towns, countryside and oceans. We highlight Wayne Dixon and Koda who have just resumed their travels around the UK coastline. We then go to talk about Nadia Sparkes and her new facebook group page entitled Team Trash Girl which is growing by the day with people who are undertaking their own litter picks in their own areas and sharing these via the facebook page.  In the final part of this section, we talk about Lilly’s Plastic Pick Up in Netherlands and The Little Collector – Wirral, two young girls who are making a huge difference in their own areas in raising awareness of plastic and littering and encouraging others to play their part.

In the next part of the show, David and Debbie discuss the film Avatar which they have recently watched and Chris Packham’s recent programme In Search of the Lost Girl which showed the impact of palm oil plantations on indigenous populations.  This prompted David and Debbie to reflect on ways we can value and protect rainforests which in turn provide life for us all.

The final part of the show is dedicated to Time To Talk which is the initiative to get people talking about mental health.  Debbie goes through some of the ways people can start to initiate conversations, before talking about the featured project on called National Survivor User Network which is a network of people who have experience of mental distress, discrimination or disadvantage, who want to change things for the better.

The show closes with a reflection from Rise Like Air entitled Magic Follows.



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