It’s All Good Radio Show December 7 2017

On this week’s show we talk about one of the most striking food trends of 2017 which is that one in three people are trying to reduce their meat intake and we talk about the alternatives we have introduced into our own lives in the past year.

We talk about wildlife blogger and nature lover Zach Haynes and the campaign he set up because he was fed up of wildlife being abused for entertainment. As he quite rightly says “What about helping insects rather than eating them”

We then go onto shine the spotlight on two young people who are taking action to help look after our natural world.  They are the remarkable 5 year old Charlie who is on a quest to save their oceans through his regular beach cleans and the inspirational 7 year old Elizabeth, – The Little Collector who is based in the Wirral and who has created her own litter collection team of youngsters.

Local news follows with details of events happening in the Bay in the upcoming days.

Following on from this we talk about, the platform which showcases charities and community groups across the country and has been set up to help people to find the support they need.  This week, we focus on Torbay Befriending Service CIC – a new community interest company providing one-to-one befriending and mentoring services to adults with mental health issues and their carers in the local area.

With Christmas fast approaching we talk about the environmental impact behind our choice of tree and what that means in terms of our carbon footprint. We then go onto share the good news of the substantial impact of Ecosia – the search engine which plants trees – and how this has developed since its conception.

We close the show with a reflection from Rise Like Air entitled – The Glow of a Perfect Morning.

Listen to the show:

Songs played include:

ELO – Rockaria

Vampire Weekend – M79

Unsung Lilly – Stories

Santana – El Farol

Lisa Hannigan – Pistachio

Ian Roberts – Christmas At Our House

Hannah White – In It For Love

The Vaude Villanz – Jumping Jack

Light of the World – London Town

Little Sparrow – Tender

Emma Stevens – Somewhere Only We Know

Vicky Sue Robinson – Night Time Fantasy

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