It’s All Good Radio Show November 30 2017

Listen to the show:

In this week’s show we talk about our visit to Sidmouth and the morning we spent with Friends of the Byes who look after their green spaces with love and care.

We go onto talk about Wayne Dixon and Koda and their travels around the country litter picking and how this sparked an immediate response from Portreath who have started their own #loveportreath #keepitclean beach cleaning campaign for locals and visitors to Portreath.

We then shine the spotlight on the digital platform Beam which helps homeless people rebuild their lives by getting them back into work. Homeless people are nominated to take part in the scheme by one of Beam’s 10 partner organisations – all registered charities. Beam then helps people choose a training path that suits them, and sets up a funding campaign.

Local news is next, with some examples of how we can all help those in need in our community including the Reverse Advert Calendar to support the local feedback and PATH’s Shoebox Appeal.

We then move onto talk about the nationwide TV show, Good Morning Britain campaign entitled 1 million minutes to encourage all of us to give as little as 30minutes of our time to help someone who is lonely.

We then shine the spotlight on the Devon Tourism Award winners Guardhouse Cafe and Cantina and talk about their environmental credentials before sharing news from Riverford’s packaging technologist who talks about the ways they are tackling excess packaging and changing the way they do things.

In the final section of the show, we bring listeners up to date with news from Mission Lifeforce which we talked about on a previous show and share the good news that due to people taking on the role of trustees in Mission Lifeforce that this has enabled Polly Higgins and her team to travel to the United Nations to speak at some key events.

We finish the show with a reflection from Rise Like Air entitled The Choices We Make The Paths We Take.


Songs played on the show include:

The Portraits – Fairy Lights

The Eagles – One Of These Nights

Zoe Wren – She’s A Highwayman

James Brown – The Boss

Frank Sinatra – Any Time (I’ll be there)

Raul Midon – State of Mind

The Portraits – No One Can Ever Murder Love

Faces – Ohh La La

Rhythms Del Mundo featuring Coldplay – Clocks

Ray Stevens – Misty

Al Jarreau – Moonlighting

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