Show Highlights November 16 2017

In this week’s show we include our regular feature about Wayne Dixon and Koda who are travelling around the country, litter picking as they go and raising money for MIND, the mental health charity and the Northern Inuit Society.

We then shine the spotlight on The Allen family based in Paignton who are taking part in their own family beach cleans and then examining their findings in their own home lab where remarkable discoveries are being made.  To keep abreast of their work, visit Twitter @Mike_J_Allen

We also take the opportunity to talk about Lilly, Plastic Pollution Coalition’s youngest ambassador  who aged 9 has founded Lilly’s Plastic Pick up with her family.  She’s already organised cleanups in her neighbourhood, asked her local McDonalds to switch to paper tops and paper straws for their cups, and even stopped balloon releases.

Thursday November 16th is Social Enterprise Day. We talk about the ethos behind social enterprises and how they differ from corporate businesses. We then discuss the Social Enterprise Day’s Twitter campaign #WhoKnew which shines a light on the brilliant results these organisations are achieving for the communities they support.

As huge advocates of the benefits that trees give us, we love to showcase individuals and organisations who are doing great work to look after our trees. 10:10 is a fantastic organisation creating original and amazing projects to help people engage with climate change. One of their latest projects involves helping the village of Wolverley in Worcestershire which has been flooded four times in the past decade; locals want to take action on flooding and climate change, and 10:10 want to help. They have a chance to receive funding from the Aviva Community Fund to work with the community to create natural flood defences – like planting trees on the river banks. Not only will trees slow the flow of water, but they’ll also soak up carbon, and get local people talking about climate change at the same time.

Still on the subject of trees, we then talk about a campaign called Music Tree Guitars; a new community enterprise that supports the people and forests of Belize in Central America by enabling artisans and crafts people to create exceptional, hand-crafted guitars from salvaged or upcycled timber.

Kits Guitars

In the second half of the show, we bring you an interview with Leah Heath, a local 12 year old self-published author who has just published The Land of Magical Surprises via and is available via Amazon.

We then go onto talk about Mission LifeForce which has been created by Earth lawyer, Polly Higgins. Right now, ecocide (destruction of ecosystems) is legally permitted, while resisting it is criminalised. But we can change this. Mission LifeForce invites us all to become Trustees of the Earth to gain an additional legal defence as an activist and help fund a law to make Ecocide a crime – protecting our planet, our communities, and all those who take action as conscientious protectors.

Mission LifeForce

We finish the show with a reflection from Jewel Fries, founder of Rise Like Air

Listen to the show:

Track listing:

Boogie Man – Shake Your Body

Alastair Oglivy – July Moon

JAMSharp – Pink Skies

Billy Paul – Bring The Family Back

Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom

Harts – Angels Walk Below

Lux Lisbon – Demons You Show

Pete Rodriguez – I like it like that

Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok

Steve Papa Edwards – Good Life

Playing for Change – What’s Going On

Olivia Millerschin – Pie Song

Nat King Cole – On The Street Where You Live




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