Show Highlights July 27 2017

We start the show talking about our recent visit to Oldway Mansion and its gardens and discuss the options for its future.

We move onto talk about one of our conscious choices which is our choice of phone and how this choice plays its part in reducing the amount of minerals which are mined from conflict areas in the world. You can find out more about our choice here

We share a new section from Let Go Or Be Dragged entitled Acknowledging the disconnect in your working life when we encourage listeners to think about how their work can either be helping or harming those around them and across the world

This leads us to talk about the recent article in The Guardian which focuses on the actions of corporate business and how supply chains play their part in deforestation.

We then reflect on alternatives to Palm Oil and discuss the work of Ecosia who are working with local partners to plant Sugar Palm trees which provide a real alternative and protect the biodiversity of each region.

We then ask our listeners: What part can you play in helping to restore the balance in our world? What can you personally stop doing and start doing and what can you encourage others to do?

We then go onto discuss David’s personal mantra” Live Life to the full without causing unhappiness or harm to people, animals, plants and the planet” and how by more of us adopting this mantra we can all help restore balance.

Faced with the news that the single use coffee cup has been in use for 30 years, we discover that an alternative is being showcased at the SouthWest Coffee Festival on w/e 5-6th August.

Ecoffee Cup is a new generation of reusable takeaway cup which has been created with the world’s fastest growing most sustainable crop – bamboo fibre.

We continue to focus on young people leading the way and share the news about Delaney Cullen with her project The Little Garden That Grew.

We share the Volunteer Opportunity of the week at Shekinah Mission who are looking for volunteer Debt and Housing Advisors to help provide basic advice and support to their client group. You’ll be patient, empathetic and non-judgemental and have a good knowledge of debt and housing issues. Find out full details here

We finish with Good News for Cows as Google has introduced a new range of meat free recipes in their cafeterias as a way to help employees to reduce their meat intake and thereby help the environment.

Listen to the show here:

Tracks played:

The Blow Monkeys – It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

The Portraits –  Rhythms of the World

Ninfas – Amanda

Gizmo Varillas – Freedom For A Change

La Sonora Santanera y Julieta Venegas – El Ladron

The King’s Parade – Mother Tongue

Rick Astley – Keep Singing

Sophie Villy – The Lucky One

Mark Barnwell – Tierra Del Fuego

Jennings Couch – Let The Rockets Burn

Champeta Soukous – Louis Towers featuring Bopol Colombiaafrica

Janelle Monae – Tightrope


  1. Thank you for talking about our daughter’s project, The Little Garden That Grew!
    Once this project is done we’ll be creating another garden somewhere else. Maybe we could call in to talk to you.



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