Show Highlights 8 June 2017

On this week’s show we highlight people who are standing up for what they believe in and challenging those in positions of power, this includes young people  like Olivia Ries, a young activist, environmentalist and someone who cares deeply about the Earth who wrote a letter to President Trump following his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

We also share the news of a 10 year old boy who has become a yoga teacher thereby challenging the perceptions of what is possible.

We talk about The Forgiveness Project which is an award-winning, secular organisation that collects and shares real stories of forgiveness to build understanding, encourage reflection and enable people to reconcile with the pain and move forward from the trauma in their own lives

We talk about clean energies and how they act as a technology for good, in the case of Solar Panels they are helping to power hospitals whose power supplies have been hit by war.  One specific case is in Syria.  We also share the news about Solar Flowers designed and created by an Austrian company which is a sophisticated arrangement of solar panels which fan out like a flower and once it is deployed, it automatically follows the sun and when the sun goes down, it closes up and folds neatly away.

We share news of the Chinese company who are offering free wind power training to coal miners in Wyoming as a way for the county to move away from fossil fuels and take advantage of opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

Finally we discuss a community led initiative in the London property market  from Brixton Green Community Land Trust which proposes a new approach where tenants pay a rent based on a percentage of their household income.  All the homes are built to the same standards, all the tenants have the same rights and quality of service.

Listen to the show here:  

Tracks played:

Al Escobar & His Orchestra – Tighten Up

Alberto Barros – La Piragua

Jamiriquai – Corner of the Earth

Little Sparrow – Sending A Message

Cinema Paradiso

ELO – Shine A Little Love

Stacey Skette – I Forgive You

Finn Bonel – Love’s The Only Thing

R Kelly – Happy People

Becky Jerams – Light On

Anton Frank – Lose Control

Crowded House – Four Seasons In One Day

Elmer Bernstein – To Kill A Mockingbird

Pink Floyd – Money

Mark Barnwell – Avocado


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