Show Highlights 1 June 2017

This week, our first feature is about our evening sailing experience on Pilgrims of Brixham

We move onto talk about the experience of visiting the Purple Angel Memory Café which is run every Saturday (apart from the 1st Saturday of the month) at Barton Baptist Church 1.30-3.30pm

We then discuss the pioneering Agroforestry project which we have been involved with at Dartington, more details on learnings from the project can be found here:

We are blessed here in Devon with the most stunning of environments and our view is that alongside enjoying all we have on offer, it’s also part of our individual and collective responsibility to do our part to look after it too – nature gives us so much and when we receive so much doesn’t it feel right that we should give something back too as a way to say thanks?

Across the country and across the world, everyday people take action to help look after our natural world, however, our modern lifestyles often consciously or unconsciously damage it.  We believe, it’s time we redressed the balance and looked after the Earth – after all, there is only one planet and if we destroy it, we will destroy ourselves as we depend on it for the air we breathe and the water we drink.

We talk about one way we can all get involved which is through planting trees, here are more details

We also share news of a change which has been achieved in the quality of food at visitor attractions thanks to the Out To Lunch campaign from the Soil Association

We finish the show with a short tribute to Sir Roger Moore and his outstanding work for UNICEF

Listen to the show here

 Tracks played:

Steve Papa Edwards – We Touched The Sky

James Holt – Whatever Happened To John

Nat King Cole – Let’s Face The Music and Dance

Eleanore & The Lost – Your True Nature

Olivia Newton John – The Promise (The Dolphin Song)

Santa Esmeralda – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Steve Papa Edwards – A Good Life

Paul Bateman Oliver – Air Waltz

Soneni & The Soul – Siyahamba

Los Charlys Orchestra featuring Omar – It’s So

Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela – Marquez Danzon No 2

Carole King – One Small Voice

John Barry – James Bond Theme

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