Show Highlights 11 May 2017

Here on It’s All Good Radio Show we like to discover and champion new ways of living and working which have the potential to improve of lives for the better.

Basic Income

So what would you say if you were offered a no-strings attached weekly or monthly income where you don’t need to do anything for it? This is called Citizen’s Income or Basic Income and there are a number or pilots being trialled in cities around the World. The intention behind this scheme is that it will go some way to reducing poverty, as well as providing the financial means for citizens to cover their basic living expenses and therefore reduce their anxiety levels, worry, stress and improve their mental state so that they can start to focus on doing the things they are meant to be doing in a spiritual as well as a practical sense.
In Finland, where such a scheme is already well under way, citizens receiving a basic monthly income as part of a radical Finnish pilot scheme have seen a reduction in their stress levels.

The first of its kind in Europe, the scheme sees 2,000 people receive 560 euros (£473) every month for two years. Recipients do not have to report whether they are seeking employment or how they are spending the money, which is deducted from any benefits they are already receiving.

Marjukka Turunen, head of KELA, the legal unit at Finland’s social insurance agency, said as well as cutting bureaucracy, reducing costs and tackling poverty, the scheme was having an indirectly positive effect on people’s mental health.  Find out more

Local News

We talk about the Torbay’s First Ever Symposium of Ideas which was a day of talks, workshops, stories, advice, dancing, arts and crafts which was held on Saturday 6th May at Central Church, Tor Hill Road, Torquay and run by Ageing Well Torbay

We share the news about Good Work Is – the latest campaign by the RSA which encourages us all to explore what Good Work looks like for us and to articulate this on #goodworkis. Find out more

Things to Ponder about

This week I talk about food:
Now food is very close to my heart. Ever since I remember I have been fascinated by food and from a very early age I remember standing on a stool watching my mother and grandmother preparing it. I grew up in Colombia and I was fortunate enough to experience proper local food markets where farmers or campesinos came straight from their land with the most amazing array of fruit, vegetables, meats, pulses, dairy products and so on. I particularly remember with great affection times spent at my great grandmother’s enormous house in Tunja, about 100kms from the Capital Bogota where she had the most amazing old-school kitchen with a huge wood/coal fired stove which her maid Anita lit up every morning at 5am and which stayed lit all day. In those days the milk came straight from the cow unpasteurised, the bread came straight from the baker’s oven a few doors down, and some of the vegetables, fruit and certainly the herbs came from one of my great grandmother’s allotments at the back of her house. Food was plentiful, fresh and delicious as it still is today, except that we now have an amazing choice of processed and convenient foods which promise us efficiency, speed, convenience and in most cases better quality. The truth is that for me, food is part of who I am and I get a lot of pleasure sourcing it, preparing it from scratch and sharing it with my Debs and my loved ones. For me, food that has been manufactured, mechanically processed or chemically altered takes away the joy and the natural high that being in close contact with fresh unprocessed food brings.

Listen to this week’s show here:

Tracks played:

Sophie Villy – 9 Miles Away
Lindsay Buckingham & Christine McVie – In My World
10cc – Dreadlock Holiday
Kula Shaker – Hush
John Mayer – Belief
James Holt – Strawberry Fields Forever
Elvis Presley – Guitar Man
DaLata – Deixa
Sound of the Sirens – Smokescreen
Alberto Barros – La Piragua
MIRI – Sound Vibrations
Lhasa de Sela – Con Toda Palabra

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