Show Highlights 27th April 2017

Join The New Power Generation

Did you know Prince used to secretly buy people solar panels?  Those wonderful people at 10:10 love this. Help them buy more.  Between the anniversary of Prince’s death (21st April) and his birthday on the 7th June, 10:10 are fundraising to put solar on the roofs of organisations fighting for the causes he believed in.  Get involved. Join the new power generation. Get with the purple. Give some solar today.

If you’d like to know more, have a look at the FAQs.

Poem – If I were a tree Susanne Heaton

If I were a tree, just for the day,
Would my perspective change on what humans say?
Mankind states nature is wild and free,
But is that what I would discover and what I would see?
I would find root systems that communicate things,
And perhaps observe people as the wild beings.

I’d witness them breathing in what I breathe out,
And know we were connected without any doubt.
I’d notice nature living in complete harmony,
While plenty of humans couldn’t see this reality.

I’d weep as some would throw trash on the ground,
Shocked by their disconnection to the beauty around.
Others would dump into streams what they wouldn’t drink,
I’d scratch my head, wondering, “Don’t these people think?”

I would see and hear wildlife above and below,
And listen for the messages that they would bestow.
I would learn that many humans have lost this connection,
And be disappointed by their lack of wilderness protection.

If I were a tree, just for the day,
My perspective would change on what humans say.

Things to Ponder About – Mission 2020

The evidence that a 2020 climate turning point is within our grasp is growing every day. While GDP has grown in developing countries, global CO2 emissions have remained flat for three years, thanks to profound worldwide changes in energy systems based on slashing energy waste, and the exponential growth in clean energy.
The historic and legally binding Paris Agreement gave us a roadmap to address climate change once and for all. 194 nations universally adopted this agreement, committing to holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°c above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°c.
Bending the curve of emissions by 2020 is the only way to limit global warming and ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals remain within our reach. It will also pave the way to delivering a just transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

Christiana Figueres Interview Channel 4

Film Review: A Quest for Meaning

A Quest for Meaning is first and foremost the story of two childhood friends who meet again after 10 years… Marc exports bottled water from New York whereas Nathanaël works in water collective management… After the 2008 economic crisis and a documentary therapy, Marc realizes that he is also a part of the problem…

To understand where the system’s predatory logic comes from and seek food for thought and solutions, they will go and meet those who are building the world of tomorrow. This adventure will cast doubt on all their founding principles and beliefs as well as ours.

Interview with Adrian Cooper from Felixstowe Nature Reserve project

Move over Alan Titchmarsh – we have Dr Adrian Cooper of Felixstowe Nature Reserve Project with us and he’ll be telling us all about a special project which he’s inviting us all to be a part of – and the exciting thing is that wherever you are in the world you can do this!

Our visit to Exeter

Following our visit there last weekend in which our beady eyes spotted lots of signs of sustainable living which we’d like to share with you

Sustainable Money

Earlier this week, Triodos bank had its AGM and the main theme was Change Together.  Triodos Bank is a global pioneer in sustainable banking, using the power of finance to support projects that benefit people and the planet. They believe that banking can be a powerful force for good: serving individuals and communities as well as building a more sustainable society.

Torbay Lottery

A lottery supporting Torbay!
Torbay Lottery is a weekly online lottery created to support local causes in Torbay. Tickets are only £1 per week! With 60% going to local good causes and prizes up to £25,000!

Songs Played

Prince – Thunder

LP – Lost On You

Marcus Valance – Magic of the Sun

Paco de Lucia – Entre Dos Aguas

Orlando Seale & The Swell – Hyde

Mark Barnwell – Avocado

Sounds of the Sirens – Smokescreen

James Holt – Oh Butterfly, do not yet Float Away

Sonia Eden – Its A Beautiful Day

Nat King Cole – On The Street Where You Live

Robbie Boyd – Who’s Standing In Your Way

Ella Fitzgerald – Smooth Sailing


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