Today, we can choose to help ourselves and our natural world too

I Love Good NewsIt’s hard not to feel punch drunk after the events of this year.  2016 has challenged us all on so many levels.

But I won’t give up on believing that we can all lead better, happier lives.

That belief is what fuels me and drives me to keep going.

To keep experimenting.

After all, do we really want another year like 2016?

Surely, we’ve now got nothing to lose by trying new ways of living and working?

So how about we all start now, today?

let-go-or-be-draggedAll you need to know to get started is in “Let Go Or Be Dragged – A Book of Conscious Choices”

It’s a helpful guide; a friendly and encouraging voice which offers support and pathways for moving beyond what has been an extremely challenging year.

None of us like to be told what to do but if you are like me and believe that we can have better, happier, more harmonious lives then what have you got to lose from giving it a read?

Plus for every PDF download at £4.99, I will plant one tree.


Friendship bench

My aim is to plant at least 1000 trees by March 20th 2017, the first day of spring.

Will you help me in my mission by downloading the PDF of Let Go Or Be Dragged today?

Together, we can help ourselves, each other and our natural world to thrive.

Thank you so much for your support!











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