Become A Freedom Funder and Help Us Work For The Good Of Society

Compassion QuoteWe are passionate about helping us all to live in harmony with our environment whilst also ensuring that everyone has the individual freedom and support to fulfil their potential and lead sustainable and happy lives.

We don’t want lack of money to stop us from helping others and we don’t want lack of money to stop others from getting the support they need so that’s why we’re asking for you to get involved by becoming A Freedom Funder.

We are living in challenging times and all of us need help and support in different ways.  Here are three ways your money as a Freedom Funder would be spent.

  1. Free Career Coaching and support to find work: We are all human beings and now is the time we need to be there to help those who are suffering.  Many people are in crisis, bewildered, overwhelmed, unable to function , without the skills or confidence to move forward.  With 12 billion pounds of benefit cuts in the UK there will be many more.  We want to play our part in helping people so with your donation we can give people free career coaching and a whole array of resources so they don’t suffer alone. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Assistance with fundraising and bidding for grants: All across the country, people are helping others. We see it.  But we also see community projects which never get off the ground because the organisers are too busy helping people to have the time to find the appropriate funding and write lengthy funding bids to “prove” their worth.  With your donation to help sustain us, we will give our time for free to source the appropriate funding, write the bids and source the right people so valuable projects get started. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. It’s All Good Radio Show: Across the world, people are changing lives for the better but we don’t hear about it in the mainstream media.  In September 2012, we set up It’s All Good Radio Show to shift the focus from negative reporting to positive broadcasting and action, but we are just two people, in a sea of noise and distraction, so our voice alone isn’t enough against the weight of the mainstream.  With your donation we will train people for free to become local broadcasters so they can have their own radio show shouting about the good things in their local area that are happening and encouraging people to get involved

We are so fortunate to have people who believe in what we are trying to do. Rowen Bridler is one of our Freedom Funders and this is why she got involved:

This is the most amazing pledge!!! I am happy to be one of your freedom funders. I’m sure that these kinds of assertions will yield results and you’ve done so much already that helps so many people – your show is amazing, for one – so here’s to your finding your way to doing exactly what you feel drawn to doing. 🙂

Helly Marshman So happy to try and support you two, happily donated, you work so hard to do good for so many people, this is an ace idea, love & hugs Helly & Andy xxx

How can you become a freedom funder?

You may give a one-off donation, any amount is gratefully received, or you can opt to make a regular donation which you can opt out at any time.  You can also donate at no cost to you by switching your electricity and gas to Ecotricity who will donate to us for every new customer who switches using the link on the right of this page.

We greatly appreciate your monetary gift and want to make the process as easy as possible.

You can send your gift via PayPal:


Please click the button below to donate (you don’t need a PayPal account to donate this way)

PayPal Donate Button

If you wish to contact us please email

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