Live LAGOM: Transforming Intent Into Action – One Home At A Time

So people really do care about living sustainably?  It came as such a relief.

In a world which is drowning in constant distractions and news of human suffering the Live LAGOM project became a beacon with practical ways that we can reverse some of the damage which is happening around us.

What this Live LAGOM project does brilliantly is bring sustainable living right into your front room. There is no hiding place.  You can’t duck the conversation or turn the other cheek.  You are committed.  The way you live is put under a conscious spotlight – but it’s not a bright, glaring energy intensive light, more of a soft but powerful LED focus from which to encourage you to keep experimenting and delving deeper.  It captures you and draws you in, probing and questioning you.

From the initial selection of projects through to the sharing of experiences through blogs and the facebook group, Live LAGOM creates the space to experiment and learn from new ways of being.

And it makes you feel good.  You feel in control.  You really do feel that you’re reducing your impact.

My initial rush of joy came from switching to all LED lighting and knowing that with one flip of a switch, our energy usage had been reduced and our need to top up the electricity meter was to become less frequent.  One simple action. One big result.

Ikea Lighting Shot
The move to LED lighting was very overdue as one of the first things I had done when we moved into our flat four years ago (today!) had been to switch to Ecotricity as I was adamant that I wanted green electricity. I wonder if any other Live LAGOM members have made the switch to a renewable energy provider or are planning to?

Ecotricity Readings No 3

So what next?

Throughout this project I’ve found myself becoming much more aware of our waste – particularly the amount of plastic waste I put into the recycling bin each week and this is making me feel increasingly uncomfortable.

Just over two years ago I had a similar feeling of being uncomfortable with my everyday choices.  I had come to the realisation that I wasn’t happy eating meat anymore and this lead me to becoming vegetarian (it started as an experiment but we’ve never gone back to eating meat).

I find myself with similar feelings about my plastic waste and I am now actively taking steps to reduce what I use by seeking out plastic free alternatives but personally I still have a long way to go.  I am in awe of those who can reduce their waste to one jar for a year.  Maybe this Plastic Free Lifestyle Challenge might be a way forward?

The Live LAGOM is a fantastic example of transforming intent into action through experimentation.  Because for all the talk about living sustainably, until you do it, you’ll never find out just how good it feels!

So what you are waiting for?

Ikea Group Shot



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