Letting Go Of The Old To Bring In The New

I have been in full de-cluttering mode since the middle of December.  I think it was the ever constant piles of paper on the living room floor, the pile that you don’t want to file away because there are things you need to action that had started gnawing at me.

Paper has always followed me everywhere because I love to write.  I have piles of notepads. That’s my next de-cluttering job – going through all those notes – are there any gems in there? Are there names of people in there who I need to re-connect with.  Have I actioned anything that I wrote down? Just what has all that writing amounted to?

As I’ve tackled the piles and items in each room, I’ve felt enormous satisfaction and a whole lot lighter and clearer, both mentally and emotionally, so when the boxes appeared from IKEA with all the items we have chosen for the Live Lagom sustainable living project, it felt strange. There I was removing things from the house and now I was welcoming new items in!

Yet one week on and looking around at our array of items they seem so natural in the flat as if they have always been here.

Our Live Lagom resolution is to reduce our energy usage so a big part of our budget was spent on lighting.  Sods law that in December, a month before our items were due to arrive the light in our living room packed up and we were down to one light in the room, but we really didn’t want to replace it when we knew we had LED lights arriving.

So when the lights went up in the living room it was all the more special.  I still haven’t got my head round the fact that we won’t have to worry about them going off again as they last for so many years.

Ikea Lighting Shot

The whole flat is now lit by LED lights and it feels brilliant.  The final piece of the jigsaw as far as lighting is concerned.  Our first move on arriving at the flat was to change to a green electricity supplier which we did over three years ago which felt so right, just as changing to LED feels now.

The question you have to ask yourself is why do we all wait so long to make the changes when it feels so good when you have?

The second area we have concentrated on was the kitchen.  My partner loves to cook. Head for any large retail area and he’ll be drawn to the cookware section.  In September last year we decided to create a series of videos in our kitchen showing viewers how to prepare tasty organic vegetarian food.  It was so much fun.  You can check them out here.


Ikea Storage Shot

Maybe now with the arrival of the new cookware, a new series could be brewing? Watch this space.

Ikea Cookware Shot





  1. I’ve been doing exactly the same thing this past week! Going through old note books and seeing where I was inspired, noting people I’ve been meaning to contact and contacting some of them. I’ve also changed energy supplier to a one that helps the rainforests. We must have been in sync! It is therapeutic but I’ve still got a way to go…….great article!


  2. Loved this! Can almost smell the curry simmering. Clearing out is such a wonderful experience, just as is welcoming in the new that now serves our needs so much more. Cheers and best wishes for a wonderful adventure going through all those notes…. something I should be doing too. 🙂


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