COP21 comes to a close. So what do we do on Monday morning?

Parigi-tour-eiffel-trocadero-gita-famiglia-510x340Spare a thought for the negotiators coming back from Paris this weekend. Locked in negotiations for hours on end with little sleep, working towards a collective agreement – a breakthrough is achieved – followed by a brief moment of euphoria and huge relief at having reached a consensus.

But just what does the world do the morning after the negotiations have closed?

How many of you have been to weekend seminars which have inspired you and encouraged you to make changes in your life and then it gets to the time to implement them and somehow you fall short. Isn’t it the case that business as usual and life always get in the way?

It doesn’t have to be that way – but it does take one fundamental conscious change at an individual level.

For this agreement to work, every world citizen needs to be earning their income in harmony with the aims of the low carbon economy.

Collectively, the negotiations agreed a low carbon economy is the way forward, but will you, as an individual, let go of your current job which harms ourselves and our planet and find your own place in this new economy?

Earlier this year I had an idea that wouldn’t let go and that was to write an e-book which would help people to reflect on how our choice of work can either help or harm others and our collective home. How we choose to use our skills and the industry we choose to work in has an impact on the world and can lead to either creation or destruction.
I firmly believe that until all of us can move away from working in environments which harm ourselves, others or our planet that it’s going to be extremely difficult to move to a sustainable and peaceful world.  To make that happen we all need to go through the steps of letting go and be open to viable alternatives.
In my e-book, Let Go Or Be Dragged,  I take individuals through the steps of how to let go of working in toxic environments, learn to understand the fear of loss which keeps them in these environments and to explore alternative ways of working.
let-go-or-be-draggedThis e-book is my gift to everyone who works in the petrochemical, mining, fracking, chemical, GMO and weapons manufacture industries. It also speaks to millions worldwide who work in companies where business practices and supply chain decisions cause human and animal suffering.  With one conscious decision you have it within your grasp to transfer your skills to new industries so that you can act in harmony with the world we are all co-creating.
It is also my gift to activists and organisations who have already made the steps to a low carbon economy – please read this e-book to understand what you are asking individuals to do and give them your support and provide the vital re-training they need as they make changes in their working life.
Together, we can accelerate the end of this destructive era – one job at a time.


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  1. Thanks, Debbie. As you rightly point out, the real work continues with each one of us. Severe drought in California where I live has already forced me to change the way I use water and electricity. Much more needs to be done, I know.


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