When Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things

Small Acts When Multiplied By Millions Of People Can Transform The World – Howard Zinn

When people care deeply, they’ll always find a way to show it.

Undeterred by the ban on marching through Paris, the people of Paris have given a clear demonstration of how much they care about our collective home with one simple, but striking action.

Where thousands would have marched, in their place are their shoes; a symbol of the deep desire of millions worldwide for our leaders to work on behalf of our planet at the Climate Talks which start tomorrow.

Parisien Photo

Here in the UK, we care deeply too and the message of the British people is equally strong, we want to look after our world.  Millions of people and a growing number of businesses realise that to do that we need to go 100% renewable energy. We urge our Government to support us in this transition.

The iconic BT Tower lights up this message to the world and speaks for millions.

BT Tower photo

Every single day, people are working hard to bring to life the vision of a sustainable future – new ways of living and working are transforming the possibilities for us all – so isn’t it time we let go of old ways and embrace the cleaner, brighter future is within our grasp? It is one conscious choice away for all of us.

The world is converging in Paris from every corner of the globe and ordinary people are doing quite extraordinary things to make it there.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan and Garrett of Climate Journey who, five months ago, left the town of Vermont to cycle to Paris to bring their own unique insights and stories to the event.

Morgan and Garrett

On 25th November, this was their response!


5 months. 3 days. 27 rainstorms. 91 homes. 18 ferries. 4979 kilometers. 1 beautiful, powerful global climate movement made up of innumerable people, communities and stories.

It has been a huge privilege and we could not be more grateful right now: thank you to each and every supporter, host and storyteller that made up this journey.

“Onwards to COP21.”

Our interview together moved me deeply and still resonates with me today. I had the privilege of speaking with two people who had such clarity of purpose and who care so deeply about our world and knowing they are working in this way, gives me such hope for our future.

In our conversation together, we spoke of the moment when the idea of cycling to Paris materialised, how sending one email, connected Morgan and Garrett in their mission, the importance of storytelling and art in helping us all to express our emotions about climate change and how individual lives change and become fulfilled when you take the first steps of action.

Please listen to the interview here:

When ordinary people do extraordinary things for the common good let us celebrate, support and thank them. These are the people our world needs.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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