Don’t Fight The Existing Reality, Create Something New

Community Energy

It’s human nature to respond defensively when we feel thwarted or violated. Anger rises within us and, if left unchecked, will automatically spill out into our words and actions.

However, just what exactly are we fuelling when we speak or take action in a state of anger?

How is our precious energy being used when we decide to fight against the existing reality?

How can these feelings of pain and helplessness enable us to move forward?

As Pema Chodron states in her book Taking The Leap, “the main question is, are we living in a way that adds further aggression and self-centredness to the mix, or are we adding some much-needed sanity?”

Don’t get me wrong, whenever I reflect on the injustices of the world I experience deep and painful feelings of anger and frustration, however, over time I’ve learnt that channeling the surge of energy I feel during these times into positive action always leads to meaningful results.

For me, it’s all about directing my own personal energy to finding the alternatives – the place where my drive and passion can do most good.

In September 2013, distraught at the thought of fracking in the UK, my search for alternative sources of energy began. I was certain that if I looked hard enough I would discover individuals who felt the same way I did, and had taken positive action.

Clean Energy

Two hour-long radio shows full of interviews with passionate renewable and community energy organisations and groups told me that thousands of individuals had chosen not to fight the existing reality, but to create something new.

A podcast series followed showcasing all kinds of renewable community projects and yet still I hadn’t touched the surface of what was happening in the UK and across the world.

Everywhere I look individuals are putting their own personal energy and drive into providing the clean energy of the future for the benefit of us all and despite being thwarted at every turn, they doggedly carry on regardless.

With a shared vision and collective will, volunteers across the UK are bringing renewable community energy projects into being but they can’t do it alone they need our support now more than ever.

Community Energy Benefits

10:10, the pioneering organisation who helped the village of Balcombe to take the positive steps towards a clean energy future know better than most, how individuals can come together over energy.

That is why they’ve created The Clean Energy Dash a portal which showcases 28 community energy projects across the UK which need funding now.

Local clean energy created by the community for the community – offering equality of opportunity for all.

As 10:10 says: “We’re on the way to a cleaner, cleverer, low carbon world, and everyone deserves a chance to help build it. 10:10 creates these chances, and brings people together to make the most of them.”

So people of Britain how do you want to use your own personal energy today? Will you be fighting the existing reality or will you choose to support those who are creating something new for the benefit of all?

It’s your choice.



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