Banking on positive change – a global growing movement

We are all very aware of the financial crisis which reverberated around the world in 2008 and the bailout of banks in the aftermath but did you know that a new type of banking leadership was also born at this time and continues to pioneer a different approach?

In 2009 The Global Alliance for Banking On Values was created.

An independent network of banks and banking cooperatives, they all have a shared mission to use finance to deliver sustainable, economic, social and environmental development.

27 financial institutions make up the Global Alliance across Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, North America and Europe serving a combined 20 million customers.

#BankingOnValues is about driving positive economic, social and environmental impact by influencing how banks and banking cooperatives serve human needs and the real economy.

As this short film reminds us, we all have our part to play in ensuring our money is used for the common good. As Ralph puts it “We are all bankers.”

Banking On Values

Do you know what YOUR money is funding?  If not, do you think it’s time you found out? After all, we all have our part to play.  Individually and collectively we can all move away from earning and receiving monies which harm both our way of life and our environment and instead focus on directing our hard earned monies to those projects which support us all.

One conscious choice makes it so.

Tell us what you think onTwitter: #bankingonvalues

Find out more at: Global Alliance for Banking on Values


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