Business Doing Good – BHESCo

Brighton and Hove Community Energy Services Co-Op

A Social Enterprise which is redefining how we source, use and make money from our energy

BHESCo_logo-02BHESCo is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing energy services in Brighton & Hove in the South of England.

It is also the founding member of Community Energy South, a network of 30 community energy groups across Sussex and Kent.

BHESCo was established to help consumers lower their energy costs now and in the future by introducing energy savings initiatives and renewable energy micro-generation in their community, empowering individuals to take control of their own local energy supply.

BHESCo helps the community generate their own clean, renewable energy and consume less energy by installing energy efficiency measures using their pay as you save model. People using this model can save money on their energy bills right away, without paying any upfront cost.

As Dan Curtis from BHESCo explains:

“Our goals are to build a strong and resilient community energy programme in Brighton and Hove, helping people to save on their energy bills, while also stimulating local green industries and keeping money spent on energy bills in the local economy.

We give impartial guidance on energy saving measures such as draught proofing and insulation, as well as advice on tariffs that are targeted to an individual’s needs, such as lowest price, a green tariff, or a lower standing charge.  We can offer home visits for people who live in draughty homes and suffer cold conditions in the winter months, and provide advice to those who are in debt to their energy supplier, or who may qualify for energy related benefits.”

BHESCo’s mission is to facilitate the transition to an energy future fuelled by the sun, wind and biomass, instead of relying on fossil fuels. BHESCo removes all the barriers for the customer, both technical and economic, by providing advice, finance and technical services. They also act as the project manager throughout the process, from assessment to post installation and maintenance. Special focus is given to the alleviation of fuel poverty, because local energy generation and the introduction of energy savings measures are a way of reducing fuel bills.

BHESCo has just been awarded its second year of funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to run the Big Energy Savings Network programme in Brighton & Hove from November to March this year.  The programme is designed to help people stay warmer in winter for less money.

Last year BHESCo helpBHESCo Pic 2ed over 200 people to save more than £10,000 on their energy bills, which not only keeps money in the local economy, it also relieves stress that people feel when they are afraid to turn on the heat because they won’t be able to pay the bill.

Older Peoples Council Conference;NEA & BHESCo;Brighthelm Centre, Brighton;22nd January 2015.© Pete

BHESCo is a co-operative where members get one vote for their share, regardless of how many they own and enjoy all the benefits of being part of the co-operative movement and the satisfaction of knowing that the activities of the co-operative are for the benefit of the community it operates in.

BHESCo is one of a growing number of independent community energy organisations who are transforming the way we use, source and pay for our energy, and without a doubt pioneers in creating a new model of business which not only takes care of the Earth, but it also benefits a whole community.

Here is a very informative video from BHESCo’s recent share offer where Founder and CEO Kayla Ente explains in detail exactly what BHESCo is all about and how you can benefit:

To find out more:

Visit: BHESCo

Facebook: BHESCo

Twitter: @BHenergyservice

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