It’s All Good Radio Show September 28 2015

Changes are Coming

TGG_Icon_Color_18Today we are proud to play our part in Project Everyone, as part of the Radio Everyone team.

On Friday September 25th 2015 the United Nations agreed to commit to 17 Global Goals.

And together we,as members of the human family, all have our own part to play.  To find out more visit Global Goals

To celebrate this milestone, we share a fantastic programme from Radio Everyone narrated by Mark Strong. The programme features Global Superheroes; individuals who are quietly and diligently helping the lives of others and looking after our Planet.


Young-voices-for-the-planetWe also mark this moment by sharing the story of Save Tomorrow, a big idea set up by a group of three school friends who, inspired by Young Voices for the Planet, took their own action to look after the planet and have now ended up starring in their own film chartering their amazing work.

Young Voices for the Planet Save Tomorrow

To listen to today’s show just click here: It’s All Good Radio Show Global Goals Broadcast September 2015

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