First Do No Harm

Do No Harm

I heard these words “First Do No Harm” at a talk by international barrister Polly Higgins in Stroud.  Polly is pioneering the introduction of a law of ecocide which will provide the enabling conditions to help bring the destruction of the Earth by individuals and businesses to an end. No mean feat I’m sure you’ll agree!

In her compelling talk, she eloquently described the heart choice we have before us: To be disconnected from nature which supports us or to practice deep care for the Earth. That evening, I silently but firmly re-affirmed my commitment to live my life with deep care for people and our planet and It’s All Good Radio Show became a Voice for The Earth.

My personal commitment was made, but I was troubled by a nagging doubt. In today’s increasingly noisy, distracted and fragmented world, where the systematic abuse and destruction of the Earth is the norm, how do we get our voices heard so that we can invite people to a more conscious way of living?

Could a new type of media be part of the solution?



I founded It’s All Good Radio Show on an internet community radio platform. The show focuses on showcasing individuals, companies and organisations who are challenging the norm and changing the way we live and work for the better.

Distressed and upset by the negative and fear led headlines and reporting of the mainstream media, I went in search of the antidote – positive stories.

And when I found these stories, I didn’t want to keep them to myself, I wanted to share them. I felt an overwhelming desire to help people feel more optimist and hopeful.

It was time to face my fear of speaking on the microphone.

Driven by the burning need to give a voice to the people that no-one else was talking about, I found my own voice and weeks later I was on air with It’s All Good Radio Show.

This work is addictive – but in a good way. It most definitely feeds my soul. I am a firm believer that what you focus on is what you get more of and with each new discovery of an individual doing extraordinary things it has fed my belief that destruction and suffering will come to an end.


The human spirit, full of kindness, compassion and invention is alive and well – we just don’t hear about it enough.

All around the world, individuals are quite literally transforming the way we live and work for the common good from the principle of “First Do No Harm” and that drives me to want to do more.

By nature of what I do, I often come across things which are deeply distressing, upsetting and frustrating. When you feel deeply about an issue, it is hard not to be affected by such pain. I am only human. When I feel deep pain, I acknowledge it, give myself time to absorb it and then explore the ways to “flip it”.   Focusing on what solutions are available automatically shifts my feelings of anger and despair to a new mind-set of taking action.

What I have found time after time is there is always a solution to each problem and chances are someone is already working on it – we just need to find it. That’s what I believe makes It’s All Good Radio Show different from its peers. Mainstream media tends to focus on extensive reporting of the problem, but why linger on what’s wrong when we need to focus all our energies on finding the way to stop the suffering?

PM For A Day

If I was Prime Minister for the day I would work from the principle of “First Do No Harm”. Can you imagine how powerful this principle would be in guiding policy decisions and how much it would support us all to live in harmony with each other? The focus would then naturally shift to how best we can help people to thrive. With this solution led approach and removal of all barriers, people are given the opportunity and capability to flourish – wouldn’t that put an end to so much fighting?

One conscious decision of “First Do No Harm” makes it so.

Debbie Hyde is co-founder of Media for Good and produces and presents her own internet radio show entitled “It’s All Good.” The show identifies and shines the spotlight on pioneering individuals and new business models which are challenging the norm as well as organisations and companies who are changing the way we live and work for the better.  The aim of Media for Good is provide a much needed media platform to unite together like minded individuals, companies and organisations who are a force for good to help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy.

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