Dr. Wayne Dyer – The Shift

By: Debbie Hyde

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer (1940 – 2015)Dr Wayne Dyer

How often do you find yourself seeing something more than once from different sources, all within a short amount of time?

It’s all too easy to miss the vital clue this provides you.  Experience has taught me not to ignore these messages when they come and that’s why, having seen two postings about the same film in the space of a few moments, last night we chose to watch The Shift, starring Dr Wayne W Dyer.

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. The author of 30 books, he created many audio programmes and videos, and appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. He was a favourite guest of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen De Generes.

Wayne had a dream to get 3 million people to watch The Shift during his lifetime so that people could really learn how to go from Ambition to Meaning in their life and then share what they learned with others. So far, over a million people have watched The Shift since its release.

News of Dr Wayne W Dyer’s sudden passing had come through just hours before and seeing the outpouring of messages from those who had read his books, I felt compelled to watch this film as soon as I could.

The Shift explores the intertwined lives of an overachieving businessman (played by Edward Kerr), a mother of two young children seeking her own expression in the world (Shannon Sturges), and a film director trying to make a name for himself (Michael DeLuise)

Each story weaves together beautifully set against a backdrop of interviews with Wayne himself. You are drawn into the action which all takes place in one location where the main protagonists have found themselves for a variety of reasons.  Over the course of the weekend, each character has a profound change in the way they view their own lives which has an irrevocable impact on the way they will now live their lives as they go back to their everyday routines.

“You don’t-need to be better than anyone else you just need to be better than you used to be.” – Wayne Dyer

Hay House would like to give those of you who haven’t seen it yet and those of you who would like to watch it again the chance by offering The Shift for FREE to help them reach 3 million in celebration of Wayne’s life and legacy.

The film is available to stream for FREE for a limited time, click here.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by everyday life and miss this engrossing film; these two hours will feed your soul and you’ll want to talk about it with your friends and family so share widely!


  1. Whenever a beautiful, vibrant Sage leaves the planet I find my heart gets heavy and the concerns of the day, of life, of the world become overwhelming. I am then reminded that the torch has been now passed to each of us and we must move forward and continue to be the change that we long to see. I have been so saddened, deep within my heart over the news of Dr. Dyer’s passing and this movie washed through by body like a peaceful wave taking me to a place of reverence and gratefulness for his life and the spectacular way he engaged with the masses to create change and allow individuals the space to find their own unique connection to the source within each of us. I will cherish this gift forever and will participate in sharing this gift throughout my life. I am committed to not leave this planet until the rich creativity that exists within me has found a voice and been expressed. Dr. Dyer will be forever missed…such a rich gift to mankind!!!

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    • Good afternoon Ruth, we are deeply touched by your words, thank you so much for sharing these with us. I too felt such peace, as well as tearful as I watched The Shift. Since watching I feel in some way that Wayne’s spirit is living on and has sparked our own flames within us all and we all have the magic within us. My partner David and I feel a strong calling to do this work of showcasing a million people doing good and business doing good and through this we want to show how many wonderful people in the world are shining brightly.

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