A Million People Doing Good – Helly and Andy

Using Your Musical Gift For Good

Rag Tag Misfits – Travelling troubadours, captivating audiences worldwide with percussive foot stomping music and heartfelt lyrics on life how it is. Inspired by life on the road and their love for music to make a difference


Helly and Andy busking


Helly and Andy, aka The Rag Tag Misfits, based in Liverpool, don’t do things by halves; they set themselves challenges most people would run a mile from.

We first became aware of this intrepid duo, via Mark Elling of The Trussell Trust who emailed to ask us if we’d like to be involved in supporting them with radio coverage in their latest venture.  Curious to know more, we opened up the leaflet he had attached and saw the challenge they had set themselves:

“We plan to busk in every county in England whilst touring and living in a van. We are naming it the “Sing for your Supper” busking challenge. Gaining busking licenses alone in every county is a mammoth task. Although busking is not a licensable activity, most council authorities have bylaws and in some areas busking is prohibited. Our aim is to work with the councils to complete this challenge and raise as much money, food and awareness as possible for The Trussell Trust. We plan to visit radio stations andhelly-beach-Mersey Mongoose food banks in each area.”


Musicians using their gift for good – we had to get involved.

As Helly says:  “We have been blessed with a talent and believe that we should try and share that with others to do good, if everyone in the world did this, it would be more of an amazing world to live in.”

A slot on David Durant’s Under The Radar Live Sessions followed as well as airplay on independent music shows and support from good friends Mary Hall and Michaela Jay from The Mer & Mikki Show and together we did our best to raise the profile of this challenge.

You can listen to their interview and live songs from their album Colours here:

In between all their busking they even managed to put together a busking diary of their travels to every county, you can enjoy it here:  Busking Diary

Helly and Andy are tireless in using their musical gift to help others.  Just a couple of days ago they alerted us to a nationwide event they are taking part in called We Shall Overcome.

The brainchild of Joe Solo, We Shall Overcome is a weekend of music  from 2-4 October 2015 dedicated to helping others.

Here’s the idea:

“Every weekend across the UK we have an explosion of music and culture. It’s something to be proud of – Gigs, open mics, poetry, stand up. It makes our communities vibrant and strong. But we also know that in our communities people are being hit hard by homelessness and poverty. There is a human cost to the politics of auRag Tag Misfits Postersterity.

‘We Shall Overcome’ is a simple shout out to the people who make our culture happen – the musicians, artists, promoters. For one weekend, let’s do what we do but let’s do it under one unified banner – We Shall Overcome. Let’s do it together to show our solidarity and send a message that we don’t agree with auster
ity politics.

Let’s all work for free that weekend and encourage our audience to bring food for foodbanks or make donations to homeless projects. Sometimes when things feel hopeless, it’s good to sing, laugh and be around people. It’s just a gesture, it won’t change the world but it may just change someone’s?”

To find out more and to get involved either by going to a gig or organising your own then go to  We Shall Overcome Weekend

Helly and Andy will be taking part in We Shall Overcome Liverpool on 2nd October so why not take this chance to go along and see them?

Keep up to date with all their news :




Helly and Andy

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