The Dreamers: A new musical which challenges the norm and deserves our support

The Dreamers

On Friday evening I was invited to attend a performance of The Dreamers, a new musical at St James Theatre. Created by James Beeny and Gina Georgio from the band Virgin Soldiers, the duo had set themselves the ambitious task of writing a musical; a genre neither James nor Gina had previous experience in, which in itself deserves to be applauded and shows great courage, determination and commitment. A successful run in Tunbridge Wells had been the catalyst for a transfer to London and now the scene was set for a two week run at the intimate space of St James Theatre, Victoria.

I must admit I had slight reservations as I entered the theatre as I knew the musical was set in World War One and being of a peace loving disposition I really didn’t want to be subjected to scenes of violence, pain and suffering.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This is a musical for the modern age, bringing individual stories to life in a fresh and engaging way, revealing information that somehow you didn’t get when you were at school, or maybe we just realise its relevance much more today.

The refreshing combination of narration, visuals, on stage acting and music engage your senses at all levels giving you a deeper meaning of the mix of emotions at play as soldiers go to war and in particular how those feelings change as the time to do battle edges closer. Most of all, it demonstrates how a response to one action can lead to rapid escalation and key decisions had the power to impact individual lives in ways that no one could ever have imagined.

Resident at St James Theatre for one week more until 11th July, I urge you to go and see The Dreamers.

Enjoy a preview of the original music from the super talented Virgin Soldiers right here:

The Dreamers

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