A Film That Helps Us Reconnect To Something Bigger

When you bring together people from different walks of life who all have shared values, something magical happens – the message of each contributor adds vital layers to the debate giving an even deeper resonance to the main message . One central message delivered through many voices brings a unique richness which deepens our understanding and leads us to reflect in new ways.

Planetary is a film which does just that with an impressive cast who all have their own independent viewpoints based on their own experiences but together they demonstrate that everything in our world is interconnected and interdependent.  This film is an ode to the beauty of our planet and an invitation to us all to reconnect to something bigger through remembering that we all belong to this wonderful world.

The cinematography of Planetary is absolutely stunning with images that take us on a visual and thought provoking journey. The visual beauty interwoven with resonate commentary from the luminous cast.

As we take in the vastness of the galaxy, Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space, speaks with such conviction of how her experience led her to a strong feeling of belonging to the whole Universe.  Peter Russell, physicist, futurist and author, reminds us of the first time we got the picture of the Earth we were seeing our home in a much bigger context and it became a symbol for the environmental movement. For Peter, the one thing it brought home to him is that we are one species.  A single planet with a common destiny.

From the wonders of space, we move down onto Earth and Brian Swamme, author, academic and cosmologist, makes the extremely poignant point that we are in the midst of a mass extinction; thousands of species are disappearing. Personally distressed at the realisation, he talks about how he searched for acknowledgement of this fact in the US Media and on the day of this announcement found that this news was on page 26 of the New York Times.  As he says in the film, humans found twenty five pages of news that was deemed to be more important than the elimination of life on planet earth.  Something is profoundly wrong.

I too came to a similar realisation two and half years ago which led me to start producing and presenting It’s All Good Radio Show as I wanted to be a part of a media which acknowledges the current reality but helps to heal this by showcasing the solutions on how we can live differently and sustainably within the limits of our beautiful life giving planet.

What becomes clear, as Angel Kyodo Williams, goes onto say is that our current worldview places us human beings above all other species; the rest of the planet and all other beings are resources to be acquired, to be used. This view of superiority over everything else is rooted in stories that we’ve got to keep growing – the current paradigm we are living under right now.

We live in a disconnected world.  We are schooled in classrooms that are cut off from nature and most of us live in cities so it’s easy to forget you are part of a living planet if you don’t see it much.

“It’s like we’re living in a museum curated by someone who hasn’t let any natural objects in.” Janine Benyus brilliant observation strikes right at the heart of our current way of living.

The story doesn’t have to end there though.

We can choose a different story.  We can view things from a whole new perspective of interconnectedness.

But how do we do this? Look around and we see a world where we’re dashing all over the place but why?

The good news is there are things available to us all that can help us to reconnect to something bigger.

But we need to slow down long enough to hear this message and discover some of the answers through this film.

Watch the trailer now:

Find out more here: http://weareplanetary.com/

Tell us your thoughts here: Twitter @WeArePlanetary

Abramorama, Vimeo and SHFT.com have partnered to distribute Planetary, a Planetary Collective in association with Reconsider film and is released today, April 22, 2015 on Vimeo On Demand and well as special screenings in major cities.

Planetary is the debut feature from Planetary Collective and is directed by Guy Reid, written and edited by Steve Watts Kennedy, with director of photography Christoph Ferstad.  Executive produced by Paul Hawken and Stephen Apkon, the film features an original score by Human Suits.

Stephen Apkon, President of Reconsider commented, “We can’t think of a more important film to be involved with, or a better team than Planetary Collective.  At the heart of all of our environmental and social challenges is a profound disconnection with the natural world.  Planetary deals with this magnificently – not from a place of fear, but of affection.  For this planet we call home and for the experience of life itself”.

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