Climate Week Special – Young Voices for the Planet & Our Challenge for You

Young Voices on Climate Change

As with many good things that have come into my life, it started with a tweet.

The tweet gave me a link to a website Young Voices on Climate Change. Intrigued, I wanted to find out more.

What I discovered was a series of short films which shows young people and children who have taken positive action in their own lives, in their schools and in their communities to help reverse the effects of climate change and bring about a new way of living.

And what makes these films particularly compelling is that every film gives each child the opportunity to tell their own story in their own unique way.

These children are not actors, they are ordinary kids, in the United States, Germany and Siberia who have seen something they don’t like,nor understand why it is happening, and they have taken action either as an individual or as a group of concerned kids to reverse it.

And what each changemaker has achieved is quite breathtaking – the planting of millions trees in Germany, a plastic bag ban in Santa Monica and raising over $200,000 for bird rescue efforts in the wake of a disasterous oil spill.

This series of short films from Young Voices for the Planet is the brainchild of Lynne Cherry, author, illustrator and educator. She discovered that when children were told the facts about climate change they became distressed, however when she shared stories about children who were focused on finding solutions they became inspired and enthused about playing their own role in being part of the solution.

When I watched these films and discovered how they acted as a catalyst for more children finding and sharing solutions in their own communities, I knew I had to do more to get them a larger audience.

I sent the link to every organisation or venue I could think of.

One independent arts venue The Sound Lounge saw the power of the films straight away and decided to host a screening. in August.

We hosted our own Media for Good event on November 22nd, where the films were showcased alongside breakthrough poetry and independent live music and children as young as 6 sat quietly throughout the films.

A headmaster at a local school was so impressed by one film that he asked for the DVD to show in school assembly on the Monday.

I saw the effect of the films for myself – the need to share these further still burns inside me.

So here is my invitation:

To every community I would like to invite you to have a screening of these films and welcome all the children and their families in the area.

The children are then invited to take up their own challenge to find a solution to a climate change problem in their local area and encouraged to take action and film their journey.

All solutions and films will then be showcased here on

Who’s in?

Of course you don’t have to wait for your community to screen the films, I invite you to click on the link Young Voices for the Planet now and as a family take part in our challenge.

So why not turn off the TV for an hour tonight, and while you have dinner with your kids then enjoy these films for yourself – we’d love to know what you think!

And don’t forget to contact us here at when you take action and film your work – we’d love to share it!

Finally, I’d like to invite you to listen into Kingston Green Radio on Wednesday 4 March at 3pm as part of their Climate Week Special when I’ll be sharing my interview with Lynne Cherry, founder of Young Voices for the Planet.









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