It’s All Good Radio Show February 15 2015

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On this week’s show Debbie talks about a new collaboration between Dave Bourne and The Sound Lounge in which every single guitar made is ethical, sustainable and unique (

She goes onto speak about Dr Robert Weiss who has created a full-fledged “farmacy” built on the power of plant-based “food as medicine” rather than drugs or surgery.

Debbie then makes listeners aware of which scans the globe for smart business ideas and she highlights two projects which are challenging the norm.

She goes onto to talk about The London Underline which is a plan to regenerate disused metro tunnels, all powered by a kinetic energy system.

She finishes the show by talking about Do Amore, a wedding ring company which give two people clean water for life for each ring sold ( and then starts a conversation with Irina Childs of Tara Yoga School based in Weybridge in which they discuss love as a food of the soul.

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