People’s Climate March: Take back the power that fell into the wrong hands – and life can begin again

peopleclimateposterListening to the song Small World Anthem by The Portraits on Kingston Green Radio last night, this opening line sums up for me what The People’s Climate March is all about – it’s time for us all to reclaim our own personal power and begin to live in a way that is in harmony with our beautiful planet.

Jeremy and Lorraine Millington, aka The Portraits are a couple who are deeply moved by what they see in the world around them and between them write the most heartfelt, emotive lyrics accompanied by sublime harmonies and musicianship. They shine the spotlight on the critical issues around us, but always with a positive uplifting, yet questioning approach which give meaning and hope to any situation.

I always say The Portraits are the musical voice for It’s All Good Radio Show which is all about challenging the norm and then providing positive solutions which we can all adopt.

Listen here to their excellent track Small World Anthem from their superb album Life in Sepia and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Writing this the day after Impact Journalism Day, I am more certain than ever that what we see and what we hear has a profound effect on how we view the world and just what is possible. Evidence is growing for positive solution led journalism,  but I also put the call out for music world to wake up to the role it has to play in talking about the world around us and to use the power of music to spread hope and optimism.The Portraits

The Portraits are pioneers in this respect- and their breakthrough song Validation is one of the best examples of this and includes the most poignant line: “Can’t they hear we’re trying to put the world to rights?”

Watch their live performance on David Durant’s Under The Radar Live Sessions

We hear you Jeremy and Lorraine because we feel it too and so do millions of people marching today at People’s Climate Marches worldwide.

The time has come when we all want to be heard – and life can begin again.

Portraits banner

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