People’s Climate March – Your voice is important and has the potential to change the world – and NOW is the time to use it

peoples-climate-march-20-21-september-2014On Sunday, millions of people around the world will be taking part in the People’s Climate March, all calling for our respective Governments and statesmen and stateswomen to act on our behalf at the UN Climate Summit and provide the framework to help us globally to transition swiftly to a 100% clean energy future .

Countries such as Germany, Sweden and Denmark have already set ambitious renewable energy targets and are actively working towards them; each week impressive figures come out which show how much more clean energy is being generated so if our European cousins have already proved it’s possible, why aren’t we all enjoying the benefits of clean energy?

Maybe it’s because we don’t actively think about energy on a day to day basis, don’t we all have enough to think about in our own lives; earning a living, looking after our families, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, football matches, television programmes, meeting friends; what time do we have to think about our energy choices? Surely that’s someone else’s business to think about it isn’t it?

Well no. It’s your choice. Or at least it will be as long as you speak up NOW and make your voice heard.

That is why Avaaz have set up what they call as “The Most important petition you’ll ever sign.” This is what they are calling for:

Scientists clearly warn that risking runaway climate change threatens our very survival, and the future of everything we love. We call on you to commit to keep global temperature rise under the safe level of 2 degrees celsius, by rapidly shifting our societies and economies to be powered by 100% clean energy. We call on you to urgently forge global, national and local agreements, and realistic plans, to achieve this end. Our world is worth saving and the time to act is now. But to change everything, we need everyone. Join us.

It takes just a few seconds of your time to sign your name and when you do, along with millions of citizens worldwide we will all be playing a vital part in securing a healthier sustainable planet for us all and for all our children.

Isn’t that worth a future worth signing up to? I certainly think so.

Peoples Climate March 2

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