Time to switch over to a new age of positive solution led journalism

Dont Stop The Music James and kidsI can’t wait to watch the second part of the series Don’t Stop The Music on Channel 4 tonight, the excellent programme presented by passionate international pianist James Rhodes who is doing all he can to bring more music into schools and to give each child the opportunity to experience playing an instrument for themselves.

At the same time as the series airs, a website and a partnership with Oxfam and Yodel will make it possible for the public to donate their unwanted instruments and get them to the schools in need.

To me this is a fantastic example of the power of television of making us aware of an issue and then providing a clear and simple way that us viewers can all individually play our part in creating the solution.

So why can’t we see more of this type of programming for what has been termed as the “biggest challenge of our times” – that of finding and supporting the solutions to help reduce climate change?  Isn’t television, our trusted friend in the corner of every living room, the best medium to get us all involved in being part of the solution in a thought provoking and entertaining way?

But maybe it’s more complicated than that when it comes to climate change because it’s not just the case that we donate something to make a situation better, this involves personal active change and that feels huge. So just where do we start?

To my mind it starts with an overhaul of television news reporting on climate change.

Insanity is defined by Albert Einstein as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So why do we continue to show graphic distressing images of people in distress and then expect people to be motivated to change their own behaviour when it hasn’t worked up to now?

Even the most ardent activist feels despair as images and footage of people in distress are paraded on our screens and yet behind the scenes, scores of compassionate volunteers, community group, organisations and businesses are working on the solutions – so let’s see those solutions in action and let’s share these widely to give hope and encouragement for everyone worldwide.

It’s time for the media to show the positive solutions which already exist and celebrate these publicly on television, in newspapers and on radio. Having produced and presented It’s All Good Radio Show for two years I uncover stories of innovation and solutions to climate challenges every single day. If I can discover and share these on an unpaid, volunteer basis, why can’t more journalists and radio presenters do the same?

Encouragingly there is at last talk about creating a “new narrative” when we talk about climate change; an excellent new book by George Marshall – Don’t Even Think About It; why our brains are wired to ignore climate change?  looks into this in more depth. Listen here to some of his initial findings from talking to a wide range of people.

The good news is that at 12pm EDT there will be a truly different kind of multimedia viewing experience entitled 24 Reasons for Hope.

This is the fourth annual live-streaming multimedia event dedicated to sparking action on climate change. Broadcasting September 16-17, they will be exploring 24 reasons to be hopeful about solving the climate crisis.

Here are a few words from Climate Reality Project who are the orchestrators of tonight’s event:

Today, we know climate disruption is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. And we know carbon24hr_intrographic pollution is to blame.But at Climate Reality, we also know that solutions are right in front of us. We can create a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future by making a global shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energies like solar and wind. Our leaders aren’t going to do it on their own. So we’re bringing millions together to make them, demanding change with a collective voice so loud and forceful they have no choice but to help shape the clean-energy future we need. 

I particularly love this inspirational piece from Jason Mraz which I showcased on my show:


You can hear me talking about Climate Reality Project here:

So what are you waiting for? Switch off the negative and tune in here 24 Reasons for Hope and check out http://climaterealityproject.org/

What we see is what we believe to be true, so choose wisely and choose only positive solution led news!

Do YOU support 100% Clean Energy Future? Choose a way YOU can take action


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