Independent media is vital – Blue & Green Tomorrow is needed more than ever

I never planned to be a radio presenter. The thought of getting behind a microphone was totally alien to me. But then something inside kept gnawing away at me, why was it that I kept discovering positive sustainable projects and initiatives but I just wasn’t seeing these talked about in the mainstream media?

And so It’s All Good Radio Show was born two years ago on September 12 2012 to bridge that gap and it became an outlet for me to showcase individuals, companies and organisations who are challenging the norm and changing the way we live and work for the better.

The more I discovered, the more I was convinced these stories needed to be told and shared. I searched out complementary sources of alternative news and in doing so I spend more and more time on Twitter and it’s on that platform that I found the excellent Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Blue & Green Tomorrow share our same passion to bring positive stories of innovative sustainable projects and initiatives into public consciousness with the aim of driving changes in listener and reader behaviour.

Here’s a little taster from Blue & Green Tomorrow which gives you a flavour of the ethos behind their publication.

Blue & Green Tomorrow wants to help grow businesses that balance the needs of the planet, its people and prosperity. We aim to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices without prejudice, scaremongering or Greenwash. You’ll find insights into how to invest responsibly, travel sustainably, shop ethically and use cleaner sources of energy.

We want the world to be as blue and green tomorrow as it was yesterday.

We believe that everyone can play a part and anyone can make a difference. Not by going back through misplaced nostalgia to some bygone age, but by striding out to a bright new future in which we take advantage of the new approaches that can improve our quality of life, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on.

Now when you take the independent path, particularly in the cash hungry world of publishing, there is no safety net. You are at the mercy of the cashflow gods and so I was really sad to hear that just as they approach their fourth birthday Blue & Green Tomorrow are in real danger of having to stop publishing.

Knowing how important it is that we have independent news sources, I invited Simon Leadbetter, founder of Blue & Green Tomorrow onto It’s All Good Radio Show so he can tell you for himself just why this has happened and more importantly how YOU can play a vital part in ensuring that they can continue to publish so that the right people get heard.

There is no doubt about it, we need the independent voice of Blue & Green Tomorrow

Listen here to some our very candid conversation about the mainstream media and you’ll discover why.

Do you believe in free press? Then support Blue & Green Tomorrow

Do YOU support 100% Clean Energy Future? Choose a way YOU can take action


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