When the worlds of fashion and renewable energies combine, it’s a powerful force of nature in more ways than one.

Music sounds better when it’s powered by the sun.

If renowned campaigner and environmentalist Tony Juniper tells us this, then it must be true.

Listen for yourself with this breaking news.

When the worlds of fashion and renewable energies combine, it’s a powerful force of nature in more ways than one.

Yesterday it was announced in The Telegraph that fashion designer and environmental activist Dame Vivienne Westwood has backed the Trillion Fund, a crowdfunding platform that lets individual investors support renewable energy projects.

“There is no better way of saving the planet than investing in the companies and technologies that have the potential to drastically reduce carbon emissions,” she told The Telegraph. “I’m glad to help pave a new, more inclusive path for environmentalism – one that recognises the right of individuals to also make a profit.”

Enjoy the full article here:

The Telegraph interviews Dame Vivienne Westwood

So what better way to celebrate this new collaboration than by throwing a big party. But this is a party with a difference; it will be entirely solar-powered because “Music sounds better when it comes from the sun.”

For years festivals across the world have powered their events through the power of the sun, but somehow it’s always remained under the radar. Maybe now with high profile endorsement from an icon of the fashion world, the practice of using natural resources to power events could become a new norm.

Organisations such as Julie’s Bicycle have extensive experience in helping creative industries become more sustainable and a search on Google under solar powered festivals brings up a host of people who have already hosted successful solar powered events, so next time you’re organising your event, why not ask yourself the question, can I do this in a way that will be in harmony with nature?

There will always be a way. You just have to ask yourself the question and listen for the answer.

Do YOU support 100% Clean Energy Future? Choose a way YOU can take action


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