Don’t fight the existing reality, create something new – Tempus Energy is all set to revolutionise the energy market

It’s All Good Radio Show loves to seek out those who are challenging the norm and who are changing the way we live and work for the better and so when I heard news of Sara Bell’s ambitious plans to revolutionise the energy market I just knew I needed to talk to the woman behind the story.

Sara is an expert in her field; a lady who has immersed herself in every detail of all the different charges which make up our energy bills, a task which, to be honest, most of us would run a mile from. But Sara is determined to bring transparency to the energy market. She isn’t doing all the ground breaking work to maximise shareholder value which is the business model of the Big Six energy providers, hers is a different model, she is examining every detail so she can be confident that she is providing Tempus Energy customers with the very best price.

Check out the animation on Tempus Energy and you’ll see for yourself the story behind the maths and how it can benefit you directly.

I had the huge pleasure of interviewing Sarah last night after her demanding yet productive day at the Energy Select Committee. Listen here to our conversation together and hear for yourself how Tempus Energy is doing things differently; focusing on the positive and with the customer at the heart of all they do.


Don’t you feel better knowing that Sara and her team have got our best interests at heart? Isn’t it refreshing.

Tempus Energy has a busy two months ahead as they prepare for their launch in November. Please help spread the word of this fantastic company on their newly launched Facebook and Twitter pages, and do let them know you heard about them via It’s All Good Radio Show.



Do YOU support 100% Clean Energy Future? Choose a way YOU can take action





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