Seek and ye shall find – have fun discovering innovative clean energy projects around the world

One of the things I love most about presenting It’s All Good Radio Show is that it has connected me with new listeners and friends from all around the globe; USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Colombia, Hawaii, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, and Netherlands to name but a few as well as a growing number of like minded souls here across the UK. Of course there could be many more countries I missed out but not all listeners tell me where they’re tuning in from!

And what fascinates me is how much we share in common and can learn from each other when it comes to new ways of living and working sustainably. What has become apparent to me is that something which is the norm here in the UK, is completely alien to a listener in Austria and vice versa. I find that fascinating and always want to delve more into why that should be.

Being as connected as we all are now through Facebook and Twitter and with so many of us having the ability to travel and see new innovations first hand, we really do have the opportunity to broaden our minds and experience what is possible.

That’s why I love it when I can showcase clean energy innovations as seen first hand from listeners.

Listen here to enjoy some of the findings of our intrepid travellers Vince Adams from the UK and Lynne Cherry from the US following their trips this month to Sweden and Denmark.

And how about enjoying a different kind of boat cruise powered by the sun? This was the finding from listener Simone Lindtner in Austria while on holiday in her beautiful country.

Innovation is renewable energies is exciting. It’s fun to imagine possibilities and see them come to life. As an ex-marketer one of the things I loved most was the creation of a new brand or a new campaign. To see something you’ve worked on then appear prominently on a shelf in a high street shop or on an advertisement on TV was a real buzz.

I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that and now with the advent of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, we can all play our part in being part of a clean energy revolution.

The huge success of Solar Roadways Indiegogo campaign gives an example of the appetite for people to want to be a part of a clean energy future.

Take a look at their campaign for yourself.

For many years we’ve all been passive consumers of energy. Electricity was invisible to us, a commodity we “outsourced” to a energy company who looked after our needs. Times have changed, new players like Ecotricity, Good Energy and Ovo Energy have all come into the market in the UK leading the way to us all enjoying green electricity from renewable sources.

100% Clean Energy Future is possible but the renewable energy sector needs our active support. We need to put our money where our values are.

Whichever country we live in, there is no better time than now to play your part in this exciting clean energy revolution.

Do YOU support 100% Clean Energy Future? Choose a way YOU can take action

It’s All Good Radio Show is an internet radio show produced and presented by Debbie Hyde which is broadcast at 9pm GMT on

Debbie Hyde and David Durant are co-founders of Media for Good, a non-profit partnership with the aim of harnessing the power of media to effect change towards a more sustainable economy and protection of Earth’s resources.






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