Life can be short but music can leave a legacy

DavideFreeDownload1In July 2011, for the very first time I attended WOMAD, the world music and dance festival held in Wiltshire and from my first steps into the grounds I felt it was like no other festival I had ever been to.

Arriving just at the start of the programme, the captivating exotic sounds which were emanating from within the tent drew us in further and deeper and it was then that I found myself entranced by the magical sounds of Alejandro & The Magic Tombolinos and my fascinating journey into world music began.

Fast forward two years and I now producing and presenting my own internet radio show showcasing individuals from every walk of life who are challenging the norm and changing the way we live and work for the better. Sadly it is only now that I discover that Davide Lufrano Chaves, one of the five entrancing musicians I saw on that stage back in July 2011 was in fact a pioneer in the music world.

Davide passed away on December 26 2013 from myeloma, he was only 30 years old but, as I have since found out, in that short life time Davide has been so influential in so many people’s lives and that is why Alejandro & The Magic Tombolinos have decided to offer their latest album as a free download to honour his legacy.

Davide was born and raised in Prato, Italy. His father came from the Lucania region of Italy and his mother from Costa Rica. He graduated from the Puccini Conservatory (Spezia, Italy) after 10 years of music studies. During this time he also worked with various styles from around the world, primarily Flamenco and Argentinian Tango.

In 2009 he moved to London to experience, form part, and contribute to its rich musical and cultural scene. He co-founded the guitar duo De Fuego, and worked with various bands including Tango, Porteno, Gypsy Hill and others. He then joined the line-up of the ensemble Alejandro and The Magic Tombolinos, a multicultural band from London.

With his addition to the ensemble’s transnational sound, he helped carry the band towards a type of “post-World Music.” World Music not based on the ‘unspoiled’ or ‘indigenous’ but rather, based on a cross-pollination of ideas; music deriving from one’s own interpretations and interactions with the music of London’s rich cross-cultural environment. Davide’s creativity in improvisations and arrangements, charisma in performance, inexhaustible work ethic and patience, became a central drive for the ensemble. This drive concluded recently when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Only at 30 years old, Davide left this world on December 26th 2013.

To celebrate David’s memory, a free download of Alejandro and The Magic Tombolinos 2014 album titled ‘Davide Lufrano Chaves’ is now available at the following website:

I highly recommend the album, I have already played tracks on It’s All Good Radio Show which you can listen to below:

It’s All Good Radio Show featuring Alejandro & The Magic Tombolinos

My personal favourites are Night Bus, La Vida and My Saska – all 3 tracks bursting with vitality and colour.

While I berate myself for not seeing Alejandro & The Magic Tombolinos live more than just the once, the joy of their music lives on through the album – for while Davide’s life was miles too short he most certainly left an impressive legacy for us all to saviour. Rest in peace Davide.

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