Having Courage In All Difficulties

I love my job! Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Megan Rose Taylor, a 17 year old young girl living just a few miles from our radio studios who was introduced to me by our mutual friend Jade in Canada. In fact, as we delved further, we discovered that Megan, Jade and I had all found each other via the discovery of Lifevest Inside; an organisation based in the United States which aims to empower and unite the world with kindness which had been set up a beautiful lady called Orly Wahba. The way my friendship with Jade, and now with Megan, has arisen through our shared beliefs in kindness and positivity is testimony to the power of this video entitled Kindness Boomerang which touched us all and I’d like to share with you now:

Megan is a very special girl. The fact she enacted every act of kindness she saw on the Kindness Boomerang video tells you that this is no ordinary 17 year old. She has the most infectious positive approach to life and you just want to be around her as she exudes such optimism. People talk about having a can do attitude, well speak to Megan and she takes that to a whole new level! Please take the time to listen to our interview on It’s All Good Radio Show during which she shared her philosophy for life and two of her inspiring poems which left me almost speechless.

It’s All Good Radio Show Decembr 8th featuring interview with Megan Rose Taylor

What struck me from our conversation is that Megan’s conscious decision and determination to give herself a series of challenges is clearly a driving force in her life and, with each achievement, her actions send out huge ripples of inspiration to everyone around her. The Scouting movement has played such a influential part in Megan’s life and its ethos of having courage in all difficulties is clearly one that she lives by. Megan will always find a way to make things happen because she always believes there is a way.

Please support her in her latest challenge in which she is looking to raise £2000 for Megan and 5 of her friends to complete The National Three Peaks Challenge in aid of Help for Heroes which they aim to do in May 2014 – when you hear Megan’s story on the show you’ll understand just why this is a very special challenge.

National Three Peaks Challenge for Help For Heroes

Thank you Megan for showing us all how we can count out blessings.

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    Connections, determination, courage; all part of journey to success. So many little things happen in our daily lives and usually we have little idea of how they will intertwine in unexpected ways to help us on our way. It’s a real pleasure and an honour to be a part of the Life Vest Inside network and to have been able to connect with Debbie and Megan.


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