Who decreed that news reporting has to be so depressing?

Media ImageTravelling on the train, I, like many of my fellow commuters, pick up a newspaper, curious and intrigued to find out what is happening in the world.  But as I read page after page of disturbing headlines, I find my mind becoming saturated with stories of anger and violence and I berate myself for even opening the paper. Just who makes the decision that news reporting has to cover so many upsetting stories?  If I, as a relatively positive and optimistic person who focuses on the good in life feels anxious and depressed after reading the paper just how must more vulnerable members of the population feel?

So my question to the journalist fraternity is: How does reporting distressing stories help the people of Great Britain to feel hopeful about the future?  When did this way of reporting become the norm? And why do we accept it?

Switch on the television and it’s no better.  Thirty minutes of in depth negativity. Out of all the global stories that could be shared, why focus so heavily on stories which make us feel upset and powerless – where are all the inspirational stories?

I can assure you if you seek out the positive stories they are most certainly there for journalists. I have been producing and presenting my internet radio show It’s All Good for over a year now. My show shines the spotlight on individuals, companies and organisations who are changing the way we live and work for the better.  Never once have I been at a loss for positive uplifting stories which I source from a variety of organisations who have found a natural home and following on the internet to share their upbeat messages.

Many of these organisations are run on a voluntary basis by individuals passionate about positive social change. Keen to represent the best of the human spirit and to inspire the soul, these individuals spend hours of their personal time and their limited resources sourcing and publishing stories which thousands of followers read and share on their newsfeeds.

So the question is who will challenge the norm and be the first mainstream newspaper or television channel to see the value of positive news reporting and in doing so stand out from the rest?

If you are an organisation who publishes or broadcasts positive and uplifting stories or if you know of any, please do get in touch, I’d love to support you.

It’s All Good Radio Show


  1. Hey 🙂

    This post really hits home for me as I share many of your thoughts and concerns about the ‘mainstream’ media and their unceasing focus on ‘bad’ news. War, Rape, Murder, Disease, Political Scandal, Disasters…I could go on.

    Recently I have been involved in a dialogue with someone who is determined to set-up a ‘good’ news TV channel, as a small way of offering a measure of balance out there. They will be having meetings with relevant people to discuss the project next year and I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Team Kindness Blog


    • Hi Mike

      I was thrilled to receive your message this morning and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

      I’ve been producing and presenting my own radio show It’s All Good for over a year now but it’s only this week that I started blogging so it’s wonderful to hear from you.

      I would love to be kept up to date with news of this ‘good’ news TV channel. Thank you so much for suggesting this. I have a friend called Peter Clarke of The Philanthropy Channel based in Canada who is also do all he can to bring positive inspiring stories to the screen.

      I look forward to checking out The Kindness blog – kindness really is at the heart of everything so I wholeheartedly support initiatives that spread more kindness in the world.

      Thanks again for making contact and I very much look forward to future conversations.

      All best wishes


  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you and the current state of the mainstream media is why I stopped reading national papers, listening to news on the radio or watching national news programmes.

    Instead, I subscribe to Positive News and research topics of interest myself. A friend, Nic Goddard, recommended your radio show to me following a blog post I wrote about negative news and I’m glad to find a like minded person.


  3. Thank you so much for your brilliant comments and great suggestions on how to take control of the diet of news we get fed, it’s definitely much more uplifting and enlightening to do your own research and then share this news with like minded souls.

    We are shortly going to be resuming our It’s All Good Radio show in more regular bite sized formats so as soon as everything is finalised we will let you know. We’d also love our listeners to share any stories they come across that deserve a wider audience, so please feel free to pop them on It’s All Good Radio Show Facebook page or on the blog and we can broadcast these too!

    Great to be connected via the super inspirational Nic Goddard who we met at Big Lunch Extras. Did you see her, Ade and family featured on Ben Fogle’s programme last week, they are amazing!


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