Music For Good

One of the things that has evolved as I’ve been producing and presenting It’s All Good Radio Show is my desire to include music (often from independent bands and musicians) which complement the topics I cover in my show. I have found that sharing stories of pioneering initiatives can be both powerful and influential in helping people to think about new ways of living but sometimes I find it’s the impact of music which touches us in a way that words alone cannot reach.

I personally believe there is so much more that music has yet to show us. It possesses an extremely powerful and unique way to act as a force for good and to unlock parts of us that are deeply hidden.  Why do I feel that? Well the tremendous work of music therapy organisations globally points the way to this. They have already demonstrated that where other techniques fail, somehow music finds it’s own way through to the heart and soul of a person.

I still remember the first time I saw a video from Nordoff Robbins, music therapy charity, it will always stay with me. When I met the team at Nordoff Robbins HQ a few months ago, their passion and dedication to improve individual lives shone out of them like a beacon of hope.  Day in day out, music therapists believe in the potential of music to bring people back to their joyful state and through patience, dedication and specific techniques they support an individual every step of the way back to independent living.

The latest campaign from Nordoff Robbins is entitled #MusicIsMedicine – What I love about this hashtag is how it reframes how we see medicine.  Why is it that when we normally see the word medicine we assume it means pharmaceutical drugs?  What this campaign shows us is that medicine is not an external product to be taken but rather a combination of patience, care, love and 1.:1 support to help an individual back on their feet again.

Watch the video for yourself and see this in action:

Nordoff Robbins #MusicIsMedicine

I said at the beginning of this post that I enjoy playing music from independent bands and musicians – well 16 unique independent artists who we have welcomed to our Brooklands Radio studios helped us to develop an album of tracks recorded live under the banner of Under The Radar Live Sessions Volume I which was released on 24 January 2013. A percentage of the proceeds of the Name Your Price album will go to Nordoff Robbins so if you can please listen and support.

Under The Radar Live Sessions Album Volume 1

Music is most certainly a force for good – let’s now unleash it’s true power to heal and to inspire.

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