A Chance To Celebrate Those Who Are Quietly Brilliant

I’m very excited to be starting my It’s All Good Radio Show blog today. Throughout the month of December and into January 2014 I am going to be talking about some of the truly talented people I have discovered and connected with over the past year who are all, in their own unique way, quietly brilliant.

Creating It’s All Good Radio Show and broadcasting each week has prompted me to continue to explore the positive, the challenging and the inspiring and has quite literally opened my mind to new initiatives and thought provoking ideas while simultaneously reaffirming my key beliefs and values. If you seek out the positive, you shall find it. This has become the unofficial motto of It’s All Good Radio Show and it keeps me sane in a world of negative news reporting!

What it has also brought me is a joy of playing and sharing music from independent musicians who are doing something a bit different with their music and through their talents they are inspiring others and challenging people’s thoughts with music.

And so I start my first Quietly Briliant feature with a group of musicians entitled Soneni & The Soul, a collective led by the super inspirational Soneni Nkomo.

Soneni is a lady who is in love with life. She possesses such depth of understanding for the human soul. Through her lyrics she poses questions we all ask of ourselves and shines the light on the potential we all hold within. When I play the music of Soneni & The Soul on my show I feel like Soneni is there saying Go Debbie, yes you can do it! Their music lifts you to a higher state of being and seems to know exactly what message you need to hear at that time.

Just over a year ago on 6th December 2012 Soneni & The Soul released their 8 track debut EP Million Miles Away on a Name Your Price basis and we welcomed them to our Brooklands Radio Studios for a truly memorable live session (check out www.daviddurantmusic.com to watch them in action).

Hear for yourselves now just why I have selected Soneni & The Soul to be featured in this month’s Quietly Brilliantly blog.

Soneni & The Soul Million Miles Away EP

Soneni & The Soul played on It’s All Good Radio Show

Please join me every Sunday from 9-10pm on www.brooklandsradio.co.uk for more music, thought provoking stories and new initiatives.

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